The Parent Diary Silicone Cubes are made to last - with proper use, you should use your silicone cube for many tears to come.  should We are so confident in out products that we are willing to offer a lifetime warrantee on all our silicone containers.

Our product has been designed and manufactured as per international standards.


The Parent Diary hereby warranties that the product is free of any defect in material and workmanship. The Lifetime warranty is from the date of purchase. If you notice any defect in the parts that are covered by this warranty, within the above said period, we will replace it.


The Parent Diary will not have any liability or obligation under this limited warranty, in case of,
1. Any defect caused by misuse or abuse of the product.
2. Damage caused by natural disasters.
3. Damage caused by unauthorized modification.
4. Defects caused by improper storage of the product.
5. Product has been intentionally or accidently cut or ripped 


The only recourse to you, in case of any defect in the product, is replacement as specified above. We will not be liable for any consequential damages or inability to use the product. Shipping of replacement product will be paid by the customer.