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The Parent Diary was started shortly after our daughter Bella was born in 2010, and our son Kai, in 2013. Parenthood was the catalyst that drove us to find eco-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic products for our children.

The day you become a parent, your whole life changes. Among the flood of emotions you feel, your natural instinct kicks in, to protect your child and provide them with the best.

Our food choices change too, especially the food we choose for our kids. We look for products that are organic or non-GMO, as we know how important this is, for the health of our kids and for our planet.


The same applies to other products that we use around the house, like cleaning products to shampoos to baby wipes.  As parents, we’re committed to keeping toxins out of our home and away from our kids.

We love to travel as a family and had visited and lived in some of the most beautiful places in the world.  Throughout our travels we've met amazing makers and creators of eco-friendly and organic products who each have their own wonderful story of how they began on the journey of becoming more earth-centered.  This is what inspired us to create The Parent Diary, to help parents, like ourselves, find the best earth friendly products we use every day and encourage more mindful spending and less waste, by sharing the stories of all the eco warriors we meet.

With your support, we plan to grow the already awesome range of  green products.



    We’ve made it our mission to curate and design and produce great products that are eco-friendly, safe to use, made of natural materials, and are highly functional – helping to create a better world for future generations. 

    We would love to hear from you, please feel free to reach out.

    The Parent Diary.
    Michele, Ricardo, Amber, and Meka