Bay Area Mom Sets Out to Help SMB's in the Eco Vertical

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April. 30, 2020 /PR/ -- The Parent Diary

Free marketplace for SMB's in the Eco Vertical

Bay Area mom, Michele Collison, is offering earth-friendly product producers a boost with free access to a successful eco marketplace. “During a time when so many product producers have been affected by the impact Covid-19, our hope is to be able to support our sellers by foregoing the typical marketplace fees, and be able to continue offering great eco products to our customers”,  said Michele.

At the end of 2019, Michele and business partner, Ricardo, started exploring ideas to grow The Parent Diary’s eco-friendly and natural product range to supplement their successful all silicone lunch box product. 

Bay Area Mom Sets Out to Help SMB’s in the Eco Vertical

Unknowingly, this research started Michele along a path that resonated with her deep-rooted desire to help others succeed. Michele started speaking to other small business entrepreneurs who had a similar desire to create eco-conscious products for consumers, and do what they can to protect the one place we have to call home – Earth. Michele knew that she could make a bigger difference much faster by promoting these businesses through the already established platform of The Parent Diary.  “Doing good” is how Michele describes it. 

“We know how difficult it can be to get a great product in front of as many people as possible, helping eco-conscious businesses get their products to a larger audience without squeezing them for every dime, is our goal. In the process we are also creating one place for all parents to shop for amazing ethically created, eco-friendly, sustainable products that we all use every day,” said Michele. 

Market exposure for Sellers brand and products on The Parent Diary

All sellers' products on The Parent Diary marketplace automatically get exposure on marketplace through our optimized google marketplace feed, giving their brand and products greater visibility without having to spend a dime. As part of our commitment to our sellers, we create a marketing campaign dedicated to their brand and product. This includes dedicated emails, a web page showcasing the seller’s story, and multiple social campaigns promoting the amazing products - not something other marketplaces offer their sellers.

The Parent Dairy has more than 300 eco-conscious brands and their products on offer in categories such as BABY + KIDS, ECO HOME, PERSONAL CARE, ECO CLOTHING, ECO TRAVEL, and ECO PANTRY. The products you’ll find on the marketplace typically have a much smaller carbon footprint and are made from all-natural ingredients with no toxins.

The Parent Diary is offering all new sellers free “no commission” access to The Parent Diary marketplace during these unprecedented times. This gives new sellers the ability to start planning for the 3rd and 4th quarters without having to worry about the typical 15%-20% commission charged by other marketplaces. 

To offer your amazing product on our marketplace or shop our great products, click here.


About Us - The Parent Diary 

The Parent Diary is owned and managed by Michele Collison, a wife and mom of 2 young kids, who were the driving force behind the creation of the Parent Diary as well as sometimes models and user testers for the products.

Our aim is to create one place for parents to shop for amazing ethically created, eco-friendly, sustainable products that families use every day. We do this by sourcing, curating, and working with small national entrepreneurs and creators who are equally committed to our Eco Quality Goals.

Our vision: Moral leadership in eco-friendly sustainable goods

Our mission: To raise awareness of the need to change to using more eco-conscious products in all homes, while encouraging active sustainability practices.

Our values: Honesty, realness, genuine desire to do good, a love for people and the earth, are at the core of our everyday actions.

Email [email protected] for more details

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