The Royal Divider - The real reason Meghan Markle is leaving the royal family

There has been much opinion offered on why Harry and Meghan want to leave the royal family and the Parent Diary team would like to offer our thoughts. In our view, all blame lies with the humble sandwich.
The sandwich, as we know, originated in Britain during the 18th-century by John Montagu (4th Earl of Sandwich). The sandwich was traditionally cut diagonally, yes diagonally!, and has been a tradition that has stood the test of time. At least in England.
Without the diagonal cut sandwich, we could not have high tea, would we?” says Inge Williams from the posh suburban town of Bromley. Triangle sandwiches are at the heart of British food culture.
Now, the USA has not quite adopted this UK sandwich tradition.  Quite the opposite.  In a recent poll of Bay Area shoppers, we asked the following:

 The Royal Divider - The real reason Meghan Markle is leaving

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Rob Smith from Pleasanton says: “A vertical cut gives you a nice visual and a no-mess-no-fuss eating experience.”

 So, it seems, this is the real reason the Queen and Kate have had such a hard time accepting Meghan into the royal family.

Now, we must agree that there are certain advantages to cutting your sandwich diagonally:

  1. You have a starting point to start eating your sandwich

  2. It just feels more balanced in your had when you are holding it

  3. You get to the filling in the sandwich last, which just makes for a more enjoyable sandwich

These are some of the reasons we designed our lunch box with diagonal dividers, a hit in the UK but not so popular in the US. Instead, we found that our Lunch-A-Box style lunch box to be a favorite among our US customers.

How should your sandwich be cut?  Let us know your thoughts below.

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The Royal Divider - The real reason Meghan Markle is leaving


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