17 Good Reasons To Go Green

Why go green? Now, more than ever we need to understand the impact our everyday actions have on the planet – the one place we have to call home.
Here at The Parent Diary we’re are very fortunate to get to meet and work with small businesses who have made it their mission to encourage everyone to make eco friendly and sustainable choices, for the good of the earth.  While there are a number of ways in which to go green, here are 17 good reasons WHY to go green.

17 Good Reasons To Go Green

  1. Massive Savings in Energy Costs: Saving energy saves you money. By taking simple steps to improve your home's energy efficiency, you can save up to 30 percent on your energy bill. Ways to reduce your energy consumption include running only full loads in your washing machine, caulking or weather stripping around windows and door frames, or switching to renewable energy sources.
  2. Save money on your water bill: You can reduce your current water bill with a few easy measures, like purchasing Energy Star appliances, fixing dripping taps or simply taking shorter showers.
  3. Green Homes are More Durable: A green home is often more durable than a standard home because of its high-quality building materials and construction processes, requiring fewer repairs.. This also means that you will save more money on maintaining your home.
  4. Improve Your Health: While the mental benefits of going green may not be apparent at first, those who choose go green soon notice an improvement on their mental health. You also become more active and eat healthier. And when you pay more attention to the household cleaners and products you use, you give yourself the gift of clean air.
  5. For Your Kid’s Future: The actions to take today will create a cleaner and brighter future for your children and generations after.
  6. Clean and Green Environment: Reducing your carbon footprint by reducing pollution, you are reducing the amount of energy that is being used and creating a greener and cleaner environment.
  7. Get Creative: Recycling not only saves resources but you have the opportunity to create useful items out of recycled materials. This helps you to become more creative. Buying less and buying used products are also good choices for going green.
  8. Breathe Healthier Air: Using all-natural products promotes health. The less chemicals the products you use have in them, the less toxins you and your family are breathing in. Everything from household products to cosmetic products can be purchased as an eco-friendly product. Our partners on The Parent Diary are creating the most wonderful natural and eco friendly products to replace every toxic product in your home.
  9. Boost Economy: Find local farmers markets and small grocers who support local farms. When you buy and eat organic food and dairy products, you can boost local economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions required to get that food on your plate. Buy local organic produce from farmers who practice responsible land use and farming methods.
  10. Reduce your Electric Bill: Save a considerable amount of money every month by switching to renewable energy sources like solar panels, LED’s and energy-saving door and window fixtures that use less energy.
  11. Increase Productivity: Going green helps you to live a healthier lifestyle which eventually increase your productivity both at workplace and at home. When you breathe polluted air, you are inhaling toxic chemicals in the atmosphere that could affect your immune system and your body’s ability to fight against infections.
  12. Save Rainforests: Rainforests act as air purifiers and are lifeline for thousands of plants and animals.17 Good Reasons To Go GreenEvery year a large area of rainforests is cleared for roads, highways, townships, and agriculture and trees are axed to produce printing and writing paper. Let’s all reduce our usage and travel more sustainably to help save the rainforests.
  13. Reduce Carbon Emissions by Green Travel: Following on from the above, when you choose to car pool or use public transportation, you actually reduce your carbon emissions and carbon footprint. Fewer vehicles on road means less pollution in air and more savings.
  14. Making New Stuff Requires More Energy:  By choosing eco friendly products made up from recycled materials or by simply reusing and reducing consumption, you reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.
  15. Green Products are Non-toxicEco friendly cleaning and skin products do not contain toxic and harmful chemicals. Check out the hundreds of eco friendly alternatives made by small local manufacturers on our site.
  16. Set as an Example For Others: if each of us makes one small change each day or even each month, others will soon start to follow. We can all stand together and stop the negative effects of large corporates who don’t take action to protect our earth.
  17. Going Green Will Make You Feel Happy: Going green makes you a happier person who feels better about yourself those around you. By going green you teach a valuable lesson to your children about how important it is to be sustainable and protect our earth, because there is currently no other we can move to.

Taking a few small steps at a time can make a big impact on the world around you. There are many viable and easy ways to go green. It does not take much time, just a little intention, compassion and effort.


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