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The place that breaks our hearts everytime we leave – Bern, Switzerland.

The place that breaks our hearts everytime we leave – Bern, Switzerland.

There are a few places that in the world that we have truly called home over the past 15 years, one of them is the canton of Koniz, in Bern Switzerland.

This is the one place that breaks our hearts every time we leave. It’s not only the natural beauty of this place but also the people that make this one of the hardest places to leave.  Bern was the launching pad for the realization of our dream life.  It’s here where we started to understand how much was possible, if you believe and put your mind to achieving. It’s here where we truly started to believe in ourselves and our ability to control any future we dreamt possible.

We also met the most amazing people here, who will forever hold a special place in our hearts. People like Marian (Aunty M), and Gerhard (Uncle G). Two complete strangers that took us under their wing when we first moved to Bern and supported us like family. It's hard to put into words what this meant to us, however years later, that bond still exists and we are still eternally grateful.

While still living in London, I applied for a position I neither had the qualification nor experience on paper for, Dr. Kunz thought otherwise. Dr. Christian Kunz, became my first mentor to whom I’ll forever be grateful for helping me realize my potential (you have inspired me more than you know)

And all the wonderful friends we made here in Bern, two of whom now also live in California :-)

It’s interactions with strangers like these that make you believe that the world is and can be a good place, people that ask for nothing in return for their help and support, people like this that make Bern the hardest place to leave.

Today it’s hard to hold back the emotion this place stirs in both Michele and I. It’s one of those places that’s influenced so much of what we do and who we are today.

We have no doubt that we will be back more often to this place we both love, to the birthplace of our daughter, to the place that has given us so much.

We love you Bern…

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