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Giving back because our schools deserve it!

Giving back because our schools deserve it!

Supporting your school has never been easier.

Our aim has always been to provide the best in eco-friendly and organic products offered at premium grocery stores at an affordable price. This is what inspired us to create The Parent Diary, to help parents, like ourselves, save on the eco-friendly, organic non-perishable products we use every day.

We realized that if we could partner with the distributor we could offer parents the same eco-friendly, organic products found in premium retail grocery stores for less. Our mission is to pass on the savings to you, the Moms and Dads of our future generations.

We now want to give back more to our school, to the schools that educate, keep our children safe, and help our children reach their potential of becoming our future world leaders.

Our plan is to give back up to 6x more than Amazon.
That's a whopping 3% commission to your school with every purchase.

It could easily amount to $10,000 incremental funds per year.

We will also be there to support you with marketing collateral every two weeks that you can send to your email list, or fit in marketing collateral around your school's activities - just let us know what you prefer.

It's free and easy to join and we'll do most of the hard work - teacher works hard enough for our kids.


See below video on how easy it is :-)

Please feel free to send us an email if you need additional information.


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